Our Product

Mission control for your school data

SchoolBI is a centralized, clean, and user-friendly platform that simplifies data democratization and helps uncover data-driven insights by unifying disparate and siloed data systems across various departments into a golden record.

Connect all of your school's data into a single hub

Data connectors and integrations to import your schools data

Effortless data structure

SchoolBI extracts and transforms data into a normalized standard model enabling schools to
transform that data into highly customizable visualization dashboards and insights.

Visualize, customize and share

SchoolBI makes it easy to connect your various data systems and synthesize it into a unified dataset and present the data in easily digestible visualizations.

Unlock your data’s true potential

At SchoolBI we believe “everyone” at a school should have access to the data they need to do their job. This means building a platform that unlocks the true potential of your school’s data. The results are better collaboration and faster more confident decisions.

SchoolBI becomes the central hub for your school’s data and knowledge.

No more unwieldy data reporting steps. No more head-scratching data errors. No more siloed data. Rather useful, reliable data for everyone.

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