Schools and educational institutions are constantly producing data. From before the first day of school until long after graduation, schools are collecting data on those who have stepped through their doors. But what schools do with this data varies greatly.

The uses for data that schools have access to are near limitless. From enrollment and attendance to updating curriculums to alumni engagement, schools can tap into this vast volume of data to better meet the needs of the students and school itself. For most schools, this data is siloed and not easily accessible by all parties who could benefit from it.

Legacy technology and systems linger in many classrooms and school buildings. An upgraded infrastructure is needed. Many institutions want data available to everyone but need tools to make it happen. With the right software, schools can become an educational system that uses data to make informed decisions and experience positive results.

For schools to truly start exceeding missions and delivering the best education possible for their students, it is time for them to take a page from business intelligence strategies and start leveraging their data more efficiently. For this to happen, schools need to unify disparate data systems and implement data democratization practices.

SchoolBI was founded to help create data-empowered schools.

Who is SchoolBI?

SchooBI is a purpose-built data analytic and workflow platform for schools.

SchoolBI was founded in 2022 by a team of education reporting and engagement veterans with decades of experience in the education industry with the goal of building more data-empowered schools. After recognizing the need for a purpose-built analytics platform designed to help democratize data for educational organizations and enable them to make more data-driven decisions, rather than relying on disparate point solutions, the foundation for SchoolBI was formed.

SchoolBI is a centralized, clean, and user-friendly platform that simplifies data democratization and helps uncover data-driven insights by unifying disparate and siloed data systems across various departments into a golden record, reducing traditional inefficiencies, time constraints, and bottlenecks.

Why SchoolBI?

For schools to maximize their impacts, they need to adopt some business minded thinking and business practices. At the end of the day, schools are businesses in their own right.

Business Intelligence is used heavily in businesses but is quickly applied to other industries, including education. For example, data-gathering and analysis help school leaders change the course of any strategic plan. In education, BI tools are used for admissions, classroom scheduling, improving student success, and much more. The trends BI undercovers help institutions analyze trends that can implement programs to increase graduation rates and student retention.

SchoolBI can help schools shift from legacy systems to new, data-driven methods. SchoolBI has extensive experience with both school data and school business. By including and empowering all administrators and school team members to access and use the data that matters, SchoolBI is helping education institutions further their missions.

The first step to building a data-empowered school lies with data democratization – meaning, making the data available to all relevant administrators and faculty without having additional roadblocks or barriers in the process. Traditional point solutions are very good at what they’re designed to do, but they’re not designed to easily interact and integrate with other point solutions, creating siloed data sources.

SchoolBI’s user-friendly platform empowers educators by transforming raw data into actionable insights using intuitive data exploration tools leading to more data-driven decisions.

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